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Vasto, Abruzzo: an evocative itinerary between memories and beautiful spots

I spent the last few years showing people around and taking them to wonderful places, but today I would like to spend some words about my beloved hometown, Vasto. Considered one of the best places in Abruzzo, Italy, it is a hilltop ancient Roman town overlooking the Adriatic sea, and
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Autumn in Italy: what to do in Abruzzo

If you are thinking about visiting Italy, and in particular Abruzzo, in Autumn, we can confirm it’s a great idea: September, October and November offer fabulous opportunities to discover the region for several reasons. First all of, the weather. The summer heat has disappeared, making
The medieval atmosphere of Roccascalegna and its castle in Abruzzo

Undiscovered Central Southern Italy, what to visit off the beaten paths

You might know that Abruzzo is considered one of Italy’s best kept secrets but there are many other places in the country that will take you by surprise and we would like to suggest you some spots to visit off the beaten paths going south from our base, Vasto. If you want to see a dif
Do you speak abruzzese

Do you speak abruzzese?

In Italy, it’s quite common to walk through the streets and listen to people who use local dialects and peculiar expressions. If you have Italian roots, specifically from our region, you might remember your grandparents speaking abruzzese, which of course is a variation of the officia
Arrosticini Abruzzo

What to eat in Abruzzo, the best typical foods you must try

If you think of Italy, food is probably the first thing that comes into your mind, and Abruzzo is definitely one of the greatest examples of how this proud national tradition is kept up. The Abruzzese cuisine is deeply influenced by the region’s location and multifaceted soul, that st
The magical village of Scanno Abruzzo

What to see in Abruzzo, a list of the 12 best places

Have you ever heard of Abruzzo? It’s a region in the center of Italy, nestled in the Apennines and the Adriatic coast, just a couple of hours away from Rome. If you are thinking about planning an awesome vacation and discovering some authentic and lesser known destinations in Italy, w
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