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Autumn in Italy: what to do in Abruzzo

If you are thinking about visiting Italy, and in particular Abruzzo, in Autumn, we can confirm it’s a great idea: September, October and November offer fabulous opportunities to discover the region for several reasons. First all of, the weather. The summer heat has disappeared, making

Fall Italian Cooking – Working the Woods

Of course you could try and recreate the pungent smoky fall cookery smells of an Italian kitchen from a cookery book, but why not instead step into Mamma Anna-Maria’s plentiful kitchen in Abruzzo?! Combine a taste adventure with an inspiring autumn holiday in Italy and return home kno
Barisciano S Giovanni Day

Love a Good Fire, it’s in Your Genes, Part of your Abruzzo DNA

Have you ever wondered about your love of a good fire, a passion you can’t describe that was stoked by your Grandparents from Abruzzo especially when they griddled some of their chunky home-made sausages over it. Your Abruzzo heritage comes with an affinity for fires that were part of

November the Golden Month to Experience Italy

Planning a last minute autumn holiday to Italy?  November could be the best month to make your way to Abruzzo to help pick the last of the low-sun ripened olives, learn how to taste and appreciate the finest cold-pressed olive oils as well as enjoy some Vino Novello and of course our
carnevale Schiavi d'Abruzzo

Discover Abruzzo: The Carnival of Schiavi d’Abruzzo

During this time of the year there are many famous Carnivals celebrated all over the world; there are big and famous Carnivals like the one in Rio de Janero, but there are also smaller carnivals with as much color and character in smaller towns, such as Abruzzo’s Schiavi d’Abruz

A Steamboat caught on Fire

Today is St. Sebastian’s day and in Ortona this is a particularly special date. Here, St. Sebastian is celebrated zealously with a combination of religious parades, parties, fireworks and a…less common event. Every year, on the 20th of January,  the  “Vaporetto” (“steamboa
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Discover Authentic Italy: How to Plan an Amazing Tour of Abruzzo

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