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Do you speak abruzzese

Do you speak abruzzese?

In Italy, it’s quite common to walk through the streets and listen to people who use local dialects and peculiar expressions. If you have Italian roots, specifically from our region, you might remember your grandparents speaking abruzzese, which of course is a variation of the officia
Michela, Creta Rossa Pottery Laboratory

Meet the ItaliaSweetItalia team: Michela

Today, we’ll tell you something about MICHELA, ceramist at Creta Rossa Lab Michela is our ceramic artist who, together with Giuseppe,  founded the Creta Rossa pottery workshop in Vasto back in 2001. Creta Rossa is a real “bottega” (the Italian name to identify the artisans works
Liberato_farmer and cheese producer

Meet the ItaliaSweetItalia team: Liberato

Today we’d like to introduce you to LIBERATO, farmer at the D’Andrea creamery in Abruzzo Liberato lives in the green hills around Palmoli and is the owner of the D’Andrea creamery. He knows all the secrets of farming and he also makes the best fresh ricotta cheese we
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