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Vasto, Abruzzo: an evocative itinerary between memories and beautiful spots

I spent the last few years showing people around and taking them to wonderful places, but today I would like to spend some words about my beloved hometown, Vasto. Considered one of the best places in Abruzzo, Italy, it is a hilltop ancient Roman town overlooking the Adriatic sea, and

Multigenerational vacations in Italy, experience Abruzzo and the surroundings with your kids

Multigenerational trips – vacations spent with parents, siblings, kids, grandkids, and assorted family members of different generations – became a trend in the last few years, and Italy has always been one of the best destinations for this kind of holiday: the country offe
Do you speak abruzzese

Do you speak abruzzese?

In Italy, it’s quite common to walk through the streets and listen to people who use local dialects and peculiar expressions. If you have Italian roots, specifically from our region, you might remember your grandparents speaking abruzzese, which of course is a variation of the officia

Easter traditions and foods in Abruzzo Italy

If you are planning your holidays in Italy in springtime, Easter is definitely a good period to travel across the country, and Abruzzo, with its special mix of traditions and foods specifically prepared to celebrate this festivity, might be the perfect destination to experience the Ho
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