Personalised Ancestry Service

A holiday in Abruzzo  that combines our personalised ancestry service to help you trace your Abruzzese family and visit the villages of your grandparents whilst experiencing the real Italy and exploring its food, wine, art and language.



Italians have famously settled all around the world, and Abruzzo has seen many of its children travel to the rest of Europe, America, Canada and Australia in search of adventure or alternative employment over the last 100 or so years. If you are looking to find out more about your Italian family history, trying to trace family in Italy, or simply want to know more about your Italian Heritage, and think Abruzzo might be involved, then our Ancestry & Genealogy Holidays in Abruzzo should be perfect for you.

Ancestry Made Easy

Our personalised  ancestry services include research into your family tree, sourcing documents such as Italian birth, marriage and death certificates, and where possible arranging meetings with your relatives. Not only will you be tracing family roots in the land of your Italian forefathers, you will be able to experience first hand one of the most incredible regions of  central Italy at the same time.

Explore the Best of Italy

This Abruzzo holiday will also allow you to indulge in wonderful Italian wines and local, traditional cuisine via local providers, and can be combined with any of our other Art & Cookery packages. It would also segue perfectly with our ‘Learn Italian’ course, for those looking to truly get in touch with their roots.

Ancestry Holiday & Trace your Abruzzo Family - Get a Quote

If you would like ItaliaSweetItalia to help trace your Italian family in-situ in Abruzzo or Molise Italy simply add in your preferred starting date, your preferred type of accommodation, the names of the towns or villages where your ancestors lived in Abruzzo/Molise,your personal data and we'll get back to you with a quote accordingly as soon as we can!
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