June, 2020
The Trabocchi coast is one of the best places to see in Abruzzo, Italy. It is a 54-kilometer (33 miles) coast that stretches from Ortona to Vasto area, in
May, 2020
Located in the ‘heel’ of southern Italy, the Puglia region is known for its historic towns, Unesco sites, countryside masserie, diverse landscapes, excellent food, old traditions, and an 800 km
April, 2020
You may know that Abruzzo is considered one of Italy’s best kept secrets and this also means that many people don’t really know where it is located and how far
April, 2020
You probably noticed that we always call our region Abruzzo, and wondered why you have always known it as Abruzzi. There is a reason behind this difference, that dates back
March, 2020
We can find a good reason to come to Abruzzo for every month of the year, and this is even easier when we talk about spring. Late March to mid-June
January, 2020
Are you thinking about planning a trip to Abruzzo, Italy and you are wondering whether you should choose a big or small tour operator? Are you concerned about traveling with
December, 2019
Everywhere, Christmas is the time of cheer and Abruzzo, Italy is not an exception. Our traditions can truly make you feel the Italian Christmas spirit anywhere: on the streets, with
December, 2019
Time off and holidays, most of the times, have many upsides. Whether they are meant to relax, explore something new, or simply break your routine, they are supposed to