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All-Inclusive Italian 7-Day Cookery Holidays

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17 APR 2016 - 23 APR 2016
19 JUN 2016 - 25 JUN 2016
20 SEP 2015 - 26 SEP 2015
3 JUL 2016 - 9 JUL 2016
4 SEP 2016 - 10 SEP 2016
23 AUG 2015 - 29 AUG 2015
17 JUL 2016 - 23 JUL 2016
21 AUG 2016 - 27 AUG 2016
27 SEP 2015 - 06 OCT 2015
28 SEP 2016 - 7 OCT 2016
18 OCT 2015 - 24 OCT 2015
22 MAY 2016 - 28 MAY 2016
16 OCT 2016 - 22 OCT 2016
01 NOV 2015 - 07 NOV 2015
30 OCT 2016 - 06 NOV 2016
5 JUN 2016 - 11 JUN 2016
18 SEP 2016 – 24 SEP 2016

Take a Tour of Europe's Greenest Region

What defines the perfect area to have an Italian holiday? With the highest Apennine mountains in Central Italy, an Adriatic coastline that boasts 8 Blue Flags and the highest number of beautiful hill & mountain villages as listed by I Borghi più belli d'Italia, Abruzzo is high on the list for an unforgettable experience.

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We are happy to make you happier

We are a group of tourism experts from Abruzzo Italy that came together to form the tour operator Italia Sweet Italia. We are based in Vasto, Chieti and love our region Abruzzo. We want you to love Abruzzo too through helping you to discover the wealth of fantastic and fun holiday experiences that Italy’s rocky heart has to offer.

What Travellers Say on TripAdvisor

Trip of a Lifetime
This vacation was one of the best I have ever taken. Normally I avoid guided tours but this trip interested me because it included both travel and cooking. This truely was a trip of a lifetime.
John, Illinois, USA
Totally awesome and unique experience
If you want the best Italian tour ever choose the Abruzzo bespoke tour. Would do it all again in a heartbeat.
Monica, Australia
Cultural Immersion
I have been to Italy before and am so glad I decided to visit this region. Really gave me a sense of what Italian life - past and present - is like. Can't wait to come back.
Paulita, Oregon, USA
It was a dream became true
No words to describe the great culinary trip our group had with Fabrizio. It was just a dream...I am sure I will be back again.
Ilana, Israel
Learning Holiday in Vasto
Our group came to experience some artistic endeavours (painting and pottery) as well as traditional cooking. I would thoroughly recommend the company to any group of any age.
Denise, United Kingdom
The real Italy
I had a tailor made package, once my intention was to know the roots of Italian food and popular cultural aspects that justify that. It was a wonderful experience, beyond my expectationsCristina, Brasil


The Best!!!
We experienced the beautiful beaches, the fishing and the most wonderful wine tour, tasting and lunch with family and friends. So awesome. Our day was one of the best in our three week trip to Italy!!

Kathy, Ohio, USA

Beautiful Experience
We spent one week on a cooking vacation and had a wonderful experience!. We had a great assortment of individuals and each one had an enjoyable time. We can't wait to go back!!
Susan, New York, USA
All around fabulous trip
Wonderful food, sightseeing, location, and people. A great trip to experience true local fare and everyday life.Sharon, Kansas, USA
Best trip ever to Italy!
Tourists have not (as yet) discovered the beauty and charm of Abruzzo. We enjoyed Fabrizio, and loved everything he arranged. Spending time with his extended family was especially fun.
Paul, Rhode Island, USA 

Italy's Passionate People: Taste Abruzzo

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