Italian cookery, wine tasting & art, experiences in Abruzzo as part of your Italian holiday

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Vasto, your base

Learn cooking, art, Italian and much more by the Seaside, in the land of Ovid, Rossetti, Flaiano of Fellini fame, and many others, a language you will live to its fullest, without the crowds of more famous and popular destinations, where you will be overwhelmed by the number of tourists and locals speaking… English!

No, rest assured that though you will always have a member of our staff available to help you get around town, for directions or emergencies, the people you will meet on a daily basis are the locals, most of whom will be delighted to speak to you in Italian, because siamo in Italia, we’re in Italy.

Yes, they will take the time to talk, explain, describe, illustrate, philosophize with you, in Italian, using hands, facial expressions, and verbally, of course, to make sure you get the point, and all the while, you are absorbing it all, enjoying it all, living life to the fullest in what is an open-air classroom, an agora of sorts, or the piazza, in other words.

In the Roman coastal town of Vasto (population: over 40.000) in Abruzzo, just 3 hours from Rome, which flourished again in the 15th and 16th Century, you will enjoy exploring the centro storico, its cathedrals and churches, the 15th Century Palazzo d’Avalos, the Rossetti Theater, the cafes, restaurants, the food, wine and gelato, vineyards, cheese factories and olive oil mills, as well as the many natural sites: a selection of beaches, from sandy shores to pebbly coves, from the populous marina to the natural reserve, from dunes to trabocchi, the unique fishing huts you will marvel at, all within a short distance.

Vasto is a perfect base for cookingpainting, Italian language and pottery holidays in Abruzzo.

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Realizzato con il contributo della Direzione Sviluppo Economico e del Turismo - Regione Abruzzo nell'ambito del Progetto Interregionale "Miglioramento della qualità dell'offerta turistica (Qualità...lia) c.5, art. 5 L.135/01 - Azioni specifiche"